Témoignages - Mobile Dealer

“In today’s digital world where every shopper and customer has a smartphone, delivering engaging experiences through a personalized dealer mobile app is key to growing long term customer relationships. We are excited to partner with Mobile Dealer and take our customer acquisition and service retention to the next level.”   

Andria Zanchin
Principal, Executive Vice President
Zanchin Automotive Group

“We’re selling and servicing more cars with Mobile Dealer. Our Mobile Customer VIP app is helping us to outpace our competitors by directly connecting us with customers and prospects when they are ready to make a purchasing decision. Moreover, we’re able to increase service appointments and drive repeat customer visits into our dealership with compelling mobile VIP offers.”   

Darin Callison
Bob Hurley Auto Family

“We’ve deployed our Newton-branded mobile dealer app for over six months and have achieved an increase in new customer acquisitions as well as an increase in service appointments each month.”   

Katie Rosenbaum
Marketing Director
Newton Motor Group

“Our partnership with Mobile Dealer gives us a competitive advantage by delivering engaging customer experiences directly connected through their smartphones. In today’s connected, service-driven auto industry, the ability to attract, nurture, retain and grow customer relationships throughout their entire vehicle ownership cycle is the key to our growth.”   

Travis Graddon
Roger Jobs Motors Inc.

“Our Mobile Customer VIP app is helping us to increase sales and service retention by appealing to customers’ needs throughout each stage of their vehicle ownership lifecycle. Timing and value creation is key at each stage.”   

Kent Jackson
Fixed Operations Manager
Southland Kia

“We use geo-fencing to help drive additional foot traffic to our showrooms and service area. This in conjunction with our detailed analytics, we know exactly when a potential buyer visits our competitors and have the opportunity to reach out to them in a timely manner before they purchase from another dealership. Sending the right message at the right time helps us to convert more potential buyers to customers and keep them loyal to our dealership.”   

Rick Funk
Funks Toyota

“We are more effective in sending targeted mobile offers and specials that are relevant to our customers’ buying cycle. For example, we can search for customers that have a high probability that they are in the market for a new vehicle and proactively invite them to RSVP to a special event. This level of personalization helps us sell more cars and improve loyalty to our dealership.”   

Michael Mills
General Manager
Champion Chevrolet

“Our online reputation is one of the strongest marketing tactics to build a pipeline for leads. Our mobile dealer app is very effective to our growth strategy as it effectively allows us to digitally prompt our customers to leave a review. A great reputation sends a powerful message that our dealership has the confidence and trust of our customers.”   

Jeff Lacostro
Service Director
Newport Lexus

“Digital word-of-mouth has been one of our strongest marketing tools for selling vehicles. Through our mobile app, customers are able to share a referral promotion through any digital channel, including social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; peer-to-peer platforms such as Skype, Messenger and Whatsapp; as well as, traditional communication channels such as texting and email. These channels, particularly social networks, where loyal customers can reach hundreds of friends and family, are a great way to generate qualified sales leads. Our digital referral program is trackable so that the person that referred our dealership gets a reward, the new customer takes advantage of a promotion, and we get a new customer. Everybody wins.”   

Tim Roberts
Southfork Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

“Our partnership with Mobile Dealer gives us a competitive edge and helps us to further enhance both the buyer and customer experience through engaging and intuitive mobile technology. If a shopper is not quite ready to make a purchase and needs time to research their options, our app keeps our dealerships top of mind with geo-fencing notifications. We’re able to convert more buyers to customers by sending timely and personalized offers right to the buyer’s smartphone – at the right place and at the right time.”   

Joe Hanley
Orchid Isle Auto Group

“Switching to Mobile Dealer was a no-brainer. The price is very affordable and their solution is best in the industry. The user interface is easy to use and we can make real-time updates in house. But more importantly, it will serve our customers better by integrating current manufacturer apps within our own dealership app; it’s a one-stop-spot for everything vehicle on your phone. By directly connecting through our customers’ smartphones, we’re delivering engaging experiences for every customer we serve in a meaningful way that improves their ownership experience.”   

Kelsey Bilyk
Marketing Director
L.A.N.D Auto Group

“All of our customers and shoppers have smartphones. Our mobile engagement app and geo-fencing solution gives us a modern and effective approach to convert active buyers to customers and build loyalty throughout their vehicle ownership cycle. Leveraging geo-fencing and mobile technology, we’re able to maximize opportunities which is resulting in increased repeat business and customer spend per visit.”   

Jason Wetzel
General Manager
500 Auto Group

“Our mobile customer engagement & geo-mobile sales app provides targeted and personalized engagement features that’s helping us to increase sales conversions and keep our customers loyal to our dealership throughout their entire vehicle ownership cycle.”   

Craig Cowling
General Manager
RoadSport Honda

“This is a MUST HAVE for every dealership. In addition to reducing our app costs by seventy five percent each year, our mobile engagement app helps us to convert more active buyers into customers. It also adds value after the sale by helping us to retain our customers with loyalty rewards, mobile offers, service scheduling, roadside assistance, special promos, and much more.”   

Andrew Auger
North Bay Toyota

“This is a game changer! Where other apps charge up to a thousand dollars per month, Mobile Dealer reduces our monthly cost by 75%. What’s more, we have more features and functionality with our mobile customer engagement app that’s helping us to generate more leads, win more customers and increase repeat traffic into our dealerships with digital customer referral programs, mobile offers, test drives, geo-fencing and targeted notifications.”   

Jason Keay
Dealer Principal
Jim Keay Ford Lincoln

“Our dealer app is very affordable and it delivers results. We’re providing an enhanced customer experience and securing long-term loyalty. Our customers are just one click away from booking a service appointment, referring our dealership, redeeming a mobile offer, sharing our specials, and taking advantage of our digital loyalty rewards program.”   

Tim Machunsky
General Sales Manager
Autex Mazda

“Our customized dealer app helps us to convert more shoppers into customers. Equally important, it adds value after the sale by improving customer retention and driving in repeat traffic with eye-catching mobile offers, loyalty rewards and personalized features that are highly demanded by our customers.”   

David Barber
Northern Honda

“Our mobile dealer app comes equipped with many engagement features, including a customized digital referral program that helps us grow our business by incentivizing our customers to refer our dealership to their friends and family through texting, email, as well as, a variety of social networks such as twitter or facebook.”   

Richard Davies
Vice President, General Manager
Midland Honda

“We take great pride in the high level of personalized service that we provide to our customers. Our goal is to have our customers return to us, time and time again. With Mobile Dealer, we have a mobile solution that will help us to engage and communicate with our customers and shoppers more effectively and take our quality of service to an even higher level.”   

Ryan Barclay
General Manager
Belleville Dodge Chrysler

“Our dealer mobile app is a real game changer. In more ways than one it helps us to differentiate our dealership with mobile offers, loyalty rewards, easy service scheduling and roadside assistance, as well as, be more competitive by staying better connected with our mobile-social customers and shoppers.”   

John Bigelow
General Manager
Whitby Oshawa Honda / Canada One Auto Group

“While our website is important for providing dealer-specific info to visitors, we lose the one-to-one connection once they leave our site. However, our customer engagement app keeps us directly connected with our customers and shoppers directly through their smartphone wherever they are.”   

Darryl Bobbie
Chief Marketing & Technology Officer
Palladino Honda / Palladino Auto Group

“We take great pride in the high level of personalized service that we provide to our guests. Our goal is to have our guests return to us, time and time again. With Mobile Dealer, we have a mobile customer engagement solution that will help us to engage our customers and shoppers more effectively and take our quality of service to an even higher level.”   

Tanner Caouette
Vernon Hyundai / Wyant Auto Group

“We’re digitally taking the customer and shopper experience to a whole new level. Our mobile customer engagement app is an extension of our showroom floor and service area, which opens a new digital channel that connects customers and shoppers with sales and service staff through a variety of innovative lead generation, customer engagement and communication features.”   

Joe Martin
General Sales Manager
Strong Volkswagen

“This is a great way for our customers and shoppers to connect with us. It brings us closer to customer interaction through a variety of communication features such as targeted notifications, geo-fencing, live chat, texting and roadside assistance.”   

Brent Bull
Sales Manager
North Bay Mitsubishi